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What is IDRBT ifsc code

IFSC Code (The Indian Financial System Code) is an alphanumeric code which is used to transfer electronic funds in India.

IDRBT ifsc code is a Unique code which identifies each bank branch. The main purpose of IFSC Code is to participate each bank branch in the two main payment and settlement systems in India.

1) RTGS : Real Time Gross Settlement
2) NEFT : National Electronic Fund Transfer

IDRBT ifsc code Format:

The IFSC Code is an 11-characters code. First four alphabetic characters ( position 1 to 4) represents BankName and Last Six charactes ( Position from 6-11) which can be alphanumeric represents Bank Branch. The fifth character is 0 (zero) which is reserved for future use.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Bank Code 0 Branch Code

For Example :

IDRBT ifsc code : RBIH0000000 is 11 digit Unique IFSC Code.

First 4 characters represents Bank Code : RBIH for Bank : IDRBT

5th character is Zero and it is reserved for future reference

Last 6 characters represents Branch Code : 000000 for Bank Branch BRANCH

Anatomy of a Cheque

IDRBT ifsc code -cheque

The above image represent cheque format which locates IFSC Code and MICR Code in Red Box

What is MICR Code for idrbt

MICR code for idrbt represents Magnetic Ink Character Recognition technology which is printed on cheques. This MICR Code is used for the identification of the cheques for faster processing.

MICR Code is a Unique code which identifies each bank branch. The main purpose of MICR Code is to participate each bank branch in an Electronic Clearing System (ECS).

Where is MICR Code for idrbt on Cheque:

MICR Code for idrbt can be found at the bottom of the cheque. As shown in above image MICR Code is shown inside Red rectangle at the bottom of the cheque.

MICR Code Format for idrbt :

MICR Code for idrbt is an 9-digit code. First three digits ( position 1 to 3) represents City Code, Next 3 Digits ( Position from 4-7) Bank Code and Last 3 Digits ( Position from 7-9) represents Branch Code.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
City Code Bank Code Branch Code

For Example :

MICR Code for IDRBT : is 9 digit Unique MICR Code.

First 3 digits represents CityCode Code : NA for City : HYDERABAD

Middle 3 digits reprents Bank Code: NA for Bank : IDRBT

Last 3 digits represents Branch Code : NA for Bank Branch BRANCH

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