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String To Hex is online utility to convert any string Value to Hexadecimal. This tool is free online String To Hex convertor tool which works on any browser, it is easy too use and quickly converts string value into hex.

Why String to Hex Conversation Tool is Required?

Hexadecimal numbering system is used to reduce binary numbers into sets of digits which is easy to understand and use. Each set of 4 bits can be represented by 1 hex character, for e.g. binary number is 1111 can represented as single hex character "F" in hexadecimal.

Because this digital numbering system uses sixteen digits (from 0-to-9 and A-to–F), the word "Hexadecimal” means sixteen.

Hexadecimal numbers group binary numbers into sets with four digits. First, we need to group binary digits into sets of four bits in order to convert them into equivalent hexadecimal numbers.

Computer programming and Microprocessors are common uses of the Hexadecimal number system. It can also be used to describe colors on websites. Each of the three primary colors, i.e. red, green, and blue, is represented by two Hexadecimal digits. This creates 255 possible values. Thus, there are more than 16,000,000 possible colors.

Hexadecimal numbers have the advantage of storing more numbers with less memory. Decimal numbers store 100 numbers in two numbers.

This number system can also be used to represent Computer memory addresses. It only requires 4 bits to represent any binary digit. Also, it is easy to convert hexadecimal into binary and vice versa. It is simpler to manage input and output in hexadecimal format. There are many benefits to data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Hexadecimal is a human-friendly way to represent binary values in digital electronics and computer programming.

Every piece of code that is compiled is always converted into a stream with 1s and zeros at the end. It is up to the programmer how to interpret it. Computers don't stick to hexadecimal decimal. For example, a binary code 0010 or 0011 would be 35 decimal and 23 hex. The user can interpret the binary data however he chooses.

It is not necessary for computers. It is a convenience for computer programmers. It allows you to write binary faster and with less error.

This tool allows programmers to analyze Hex data in string format and to better understand data.

How String to Hex Online Tool Works

  • String to Hex conversation starts with separation of string into character. For e.g. if string is "ABCD" then system will separate string into characters like A B C D
  • After separation of string into character, system will find out decimal value of each ASCII character, please refer ASCII table. For e.g. character A has ASCII decimal value of 65.
  • once decimal value of character is calculated, then system will convert ASCII decimal value to Hex Value.
  • You can use Hex To String converter to reverse the process

How to use String to Hex Tool

  • Please Enter string to be converted into Hex Data
  • Click on convert button to covert String value to Hex
  • Now System will analyze and display Hexadecimal Data of string value


Hex Decimal Conversion Table

Hex (Base16) Decimal (Base16) Hex (Base16) Decimal (Base16)
0 0 16 10
1 1 17 11
2 2 18 12
3 3 19 13
4 4 20 14
5 5 21 15
6 6 22 16
7 7 23 17
8 8 24 18
9 9 25 19
10 A 26 1A
11 B 27 1B
12 C 28 1C
13 D 29 1D
14 E 30 1E
15 F 31 1F