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What is Text Minification - Minify Text Utility

Minification is the process of minimizing text, code or any markup in your web pages and script files. It reduces load time & consumes less bandwidth. This process eventually increases web site speed and performance. It’s also beneficial for mobile user to access your website through a limited data plan and who would like to save on their bandwidth usage while surfing the web.

Minify Text Utility is useful in creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) files. Using this minify online tool one can easily minify css, minify js, minify html, minify jsonminify xml,minify code,minify url etc. These files are created by web developer, the format is human readable and it contains spaces, comments, variables & code.

It also helps others who might later work on the assets. While this is a plus in the development phase, it becomes a negative when it comes to serving your pages. Web servers and browsers can parse file content without comments and well-structured code, both of which create additional network traffic without providing any functional benefit.

The developer applies a minification technique to convert the file into one minified format, minified version is harder to read but good for browser and server to analyse and transfer the content in optimise way. Common minification techniques include removing whitespace, shortening variable names, and replacing verbose functions with shorter, more concise functions.

How to Use Minify Text Utility

  • Enter any text, javascript, css, html inside Text Area
  • Select appropriate option like Remove Line, Remove Tab, Remove Space
  • Remove Line - This option will remove any additional line from the text
  • Remove Tab - This option is useful to remove tab spacing from the text
  • Remove Space - Removes white spaces from the text
  • Click on Minify button to submit text for minification process
  • Now minify text utility will process and remove extra Lines, Tabs, White Spaces as per the selected options