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This Decode64 Online tool is used to decode64 string. Base64 Decode is a way to decode ASCII string format to binary. This decode64 encoding/decoding scheme is used when binary data needs to be stored and transferred over media.

This free Base64 Decode Online tool is quickly decodes, encoded base64 string into original format. The bsee64 string can be encoded with various character sets for e.g UTF-8, Ascii & different ISO, UTF, Windows formats. But most popular is UTF-8 character format.

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What is Base64 decoding?

Base64 decoding requires that you first understand the Base64 decoding tool. Bit parity was a simple method to verify data integrity in the early days of computers. This was because telephone line inter-system communication was not very reliable.

This method would transmit 7-bits of data per byte, with the 8th being 1 or 0. To force even number of 1 bits per byte. Thus, 0x01 would be transmitted as 0x81; 022 would be 0x82 and 033 would remain at 0x03.

This system was furthered by the fact that only characters 00-7F were given to characters when ASCII was created. (All characters in the 80-FF range are still non-standard today.

Today's routers often put parity checks and byte translations into hardware. This forced computers to only deal with 7-bit data. This forces email attachments (and any other data that is why HTTP & SMTP protocols use text-based protocols) to be converted into a text-only format.

You don't stream binary data over a network in raw format if you have binary data. Why? Because Some media are optimized for streaming txt data. Some protocols might interpret binary data as control characters, like a modem. Or your binary data may be corrupted by the underlying protocol thinking you entered a special combination of characters (like FTP does with line endings).

To get around this problem, people convert binary data into characters. Base64 is an example of one of these encodings. Base-64 Encoding allows you to take binary data and convert it into text, so it can be more easily transmitted via e-mail or HTML form data.

Base64 decoding is a reversal process to decode encoded texts and this can be done using this Base64 Decode Online tool

Why Decode64 ? How To Base64 Decode ? Why Base64 Decode Online Tool is Required?

The dependence for Decode64 - Base64 encoding depend on problems that arise after media is converted from raw binary format to text-based formats.

Text-based systems (subsequently email) add footnotes for binary data. This allows for a wide range of characters including special command characters to be included in the binary data being transmitted.These systems misinterpret transfer media and corrupt it in the transmission process.

This allows you to encode the binary data in a pretentious manner that avoids transmission problems. This is one technique used by MIME to allow data to be sent in a different format than plain text.

Base64 Table

Value Char   Value Char   Value Char   Value Char
0 A   16 Q   32 g   48 w
1 B   17 R   33 h   49 x
2 C   18 S   34 i   50 y
3 D   19 T   35 j   51 z
4 E   20 U   36 k   52 0
5 F   21 V   37 l   53 1
6 G   22 W   38 m   54 2
7 H   23 X   39 n   55 3
8 I   24 Y   40 o   56 4
9 J   25 Z   41 p   57 5
10 K   26 a   42 q   58 6
11 L   27 b   43 r   59 7
12 M   28 c   44 s   60 8
13 N   29 d   45 t   61 9
14 O   30 e   46 u   62 +
15 P   31 f   47 v   63 /

Example : How To Base64 Decode

To hold Base64 digit we need 6 bits. So Three Byte data (24 bits) can hold upto four 6-bit Base64 digits.

If suppose you want to Tranfer below data in Base64 Format.
"Online Base64 Encode tool is used to Encode Text data into Base64 Format and Online Base64 Decode tool is used to decode Base64 string"

The above text can be encoded in Base64 format using

Base64 Encode Tool

Base64 Conversion:
"T25saW5lIEJhc2U2NCBFbmNvZGUgdG9vbCBpcyB1c2VkIHRvIEVuY29k ZSBUZXh0IGRhdGEgaW50byBCYXNlNjQgRm9ybWF0IGFuZ CBPbmxpbmUgQmFzZTY0IERlY29kZSB0b29sIGlzIHVzZWQgd G8gZGVjb2RlIEJhc2U2NCBzdHJpbmc="

Base64 encoded value for above text "Online" is "T25saW5l". We will take each character and find out its ASCII Value from above ASCII Table

Character ASCII Value Binary
O 79 01001111
n 110 01101110
l 108 01101100
i 105 01101001
n 110 01101110
e 101 01100101

6 Byte binary string would look Like 01001111 01101110 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100101. Now thase 6 Bytes Binary string will be grouped into 6 bits for Base64. Grouping would look like this : 010011 110110 111001 101100 011010 010110 111001 100101

6 Bit Binary Decimal Value Base64 Index Chracter
010011 19 T
110110 54 2
111001 57 5
101100 44 s
011010 26 a
010110 22 W
111001 57 5
100101 37 l

So Base64 Encode value for "Online" is "T25saW5l".